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Brainstorming for Question – 24/3/10

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Looked at: People who have Computational Music as a research interest (

  • Algorithmic Composition
  • Computational Music

Book Series: Computational Music Science – Guerino B.Mazzola, Moreno Andreatta (need to reference correctly)

Found paper on writing a software engineering research paper:

From that:

Development Questions:

  • How can we do/create/modify/evolve (or automate doing) X?
  • What is a better way to do/create/modify/evolve X?


  • How can I evaluate the quality/correctness of X?

Initial Ideas

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1. Computational Model’s for comparing melodies


  • do you compare by melodic pattern with out consideration of rhythm/harmony
    • e.g. ABAGGACE, what about keys/transpositions?
  • do you compare a ‘melodic curve’ based on how it moves
    • what about rhythm does this include rhythm?
    • Sharps/Flats
    • Easy to transpose
  • What about Genre/Tempo?

2. A Probabilistic Model for Predicting Music