Grace Note Detection

While trying to gather stats on midi inputs, discovered that there was an error with my import of melodies.

Fixed this issue up, it had to do with reading on/off’s on notes in a midi file.

Indexing  Stats:

1747 Melodies in my DB (took 53 mins to compress)

Motif Length 3: 1,339,216 rows created

Motif Length 4: 2,567,181 rows created

Motif Length 5: 5,574,372 rows created

Need to now create a BLAST like algorithm that can use these indexs and extend on the.

->scoring for sequence alignments, based on cluster’s??? need to look at beat detection to test seq. alignment with clusters

Mutual Information Content

Run across whole DB and collect statistics and place into a scatter plot diagram to show percentages, could be interesting?

Into DB, insert some of the same melodies intentionally to see if they are detected, also insert random melodies.


Heuristic, what about turns?

Not on the bean, less than a standard length – gather a standard for the melody?