Wednesday 29th

  • Had a meeting with Mike
    • using inverse fractions to determine the ‘weight’ of a note depending on where it is located in a bar. (beat 1, 2, 3, 4 (of 4/4 music) = 1, quaver’s off them = 2, and so on
  • MIC – running on faster computer now, is still running today
  • Started looking at BLAST type algorithm with indexes, discovered it was better to create my seq alignment algorithm with these new weightings.

Monday 4th October

  • Finished seq. alignment algorithm and is currently running.

Tuesday 5th October

  • Sequence alignment has shown interesting results while running over last night. 3 melodies came up with a 100% match, it turns out they are the same melody that has been transposed. This has given me some points to look for in other techniques too, while doing this I checked the MIC matchings of the same files and discovered that they have a close percentage match too, I will use these to check against my BLAST like algorithm too when that is implemented. (Today’s job)